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Daniel Moaddel

Attorney Daniel Moaddel is a partner in the law firm of Matian & Moaddel.

Mr. Moaddel graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, summa cum laude. Mr. Moaddel received his Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern Law School and is admitted to the State Bar of California.

Mr. Moaddel is an unyielding attorney with a “never back down” attitude. He devotes all of his time, energy and legal knowledge to ensure his clients have the best defense possible. Mr. Moaddel’s confident demeanor and courtroom candor, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the law make him a serious asset in every case. Mr. Moaddel handles all felonies, misdemeanors and traffic citations. He has an impressive 90% plus success rate at trial. His triumphs at trial are a direct result of his hard work, knowledge of the law, extensive motion writing and courtroom experience.

Mr. Moaddel has widespread knowledge of immigration law and deportation defense. In recent years, Federal and State governments have worked closely to increase the number of deportations of individuals as a result of criminal activity. MrDaniel Moaddel. Moaddel has the unique knowledge of how to navigate a criminal case while mitigating negative immigration consequences for his clients.

Aside from his legal accomplishments, Mr. Moaddel is very involved in local politics. Working closely with local city counsel and community organizations, he has developed a keen sense on how to approach and deal with government agencies. Mr. Moaddel is well versed in strategies and tactics employed by government agencies, which help ensure his clients receive the best possible representation.

“My success as an attorney is the direct result of hard work. When a client hires me, he trusts me, and I will fight relentlessly to ensure he will get the best defense. Many defense attorneys believe they can just negotiate in court and hope to get a ‘good’ deal, I do not agree. I believe there are two arenas to defending a criminal case, one is the courtroom and the other is filing motions. Writing and arguing motions takes time, research and dedication which is why most attorneys never file motions, but I love to bombard and bury prosecutors with motions forcing them to response and forcing the Judge to make tough decisions. The best defense is a prepared defense and we are always prepared to defend our clients.” – Daniel Moaddel, Esq.

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