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What Is Tasigna lawsuit And How They Can Help You

Tasigna has been introduced by Novartis to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia. But later on, it has been seen causing serious and life-threatening side effects to the patients.

Due to this medication, one man from California died in 2016. Apart from this, there are a lot of people who have suffered from problems such as, tissue death, peripheral arterial disease, amputation.

The wrongful death lawsuit declared Novartis was informed of the reports which showed Tasigna is responsible for severe, accelerated and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a dangerous medication that thickens the arterial walls.

When the arterial walls become thickened, it can result in peripheral arterial disease. In addition to affecting the arterial walls, Tasigna is also responsible to cause infection, tissue death, and even death.

The Novartis company is the only one who is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of such medication. So, the people who have faced such problem because of this medications are allowed to file a case against this pharmaceutical company with the help of a Tasigna attorney.

Life-Threatening Side effects Of Tasigna

There is no doubt that Tasigna has risked the lives of several individuals by causing a harsh and rapid onset atherosclerosis which further leads to peripheral arterial disease.

Instead of providing an effective medication for chronic leukemia, it comes up with the new dangers that no one was aware of. No physician was given a warning for such medication due to which patient and their family members have suffered a lot.

But now you have given a great chance to contact the Tasigna lawsuits who are able to help you with such type of situations. They will help and advice you in getting compensation for the problems you have faced due to this medication from the company.

So, today you are not alone who have faced the side effects of Tasigna. Your Tasigna attorney is with you to get the justice for what you have faced so far. To know more about Tasigna and how it affected the individual’s life, you can go through this post.

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